Dr. Bill.TV #422 – Video – “The Doctor Stirs Up Controversy with Phred Edition!”

Amazon vs. Google: Turf Wars, Dr. Bill stirs up controversy, Disney might buy Fox, Stargate: Origins, Bitcoin’s going crazy, GSotW: Handy File Tool, a good tip for your router, HP and bloatware that’s malware, Microsoft Edge on Android, a photo of Phred?

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Dr. Bill.TV #422 – Audio – “The Doctor Stirs Up Controversy with Phred Edition!”

Amazon vs. Google: Turf Wars, Dr. Bill stirs up controversy, Disney might buy Fox, Stargate: Origins, Bitcoin’s going crazy, GSotW: Handy File Tool, a good tip for your router, HP and bloatware that’s malware, Microsoft Edge on Android, a photo of Phred?

Links that pertain to this Netcast:

TechPodcasts Network

International Association of Internet Broadcasters

Blubrry Network

Dr. Bill Bailey.NET

Handy File Tool

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Microsoft Edge Browser is Now on Android

Microsoft EdgeOK, so it is available on Android… I will stick with Chrome!

Microsoft Edge on Android: Windows 10 browser spinoff clocks up million users

ZDNet – By: Liam Tung – “Just a week after coming out of preview, the Microsoft Edge app for Android has been downloaded at least a million times.

According to the Google Play Store, the Blink-based Microsoft Edge app has been downloaded between one million and five million times. The app has been available to testers for a while, but only reached preview in October before becoming generally available at the end of November.

The Microsoft Edge apps for iOS and Android aim to make Edge more appealing to use on Windows 10 by making it more convenient to sync the browsing experience across devices.

The app offers Microsoft’s ‘Continue on PC’, which allows users to pass a site, app, photos, and files from a phone to a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft has also added a roaming passwords feature that allows users to save a password on the phone, which carries across to the PC, as well as a dark theme.

It’s likely to take a while for Edge app downloads to pass the five million milestone on Android, given that the app is only useful for the subset of Windows 10 users who actually use Edge on a PC.

While Windows 10 is now running over 500 million PCs, Edge currently only has a 3.6 percent share of desktops worldwide, according to NetMarketShare.

So anything Microsoft can do to boost appeal of Edge on the PC will be helpful in convincing more users to make the switch, either from Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.

It’s also working to expand the number of Edge extensions, which over a year after Microsoft enabled them now numbers 80.”

HP Admits to Bloatware Security Issue!

BloatwareDo you have an HP notebook? If so, you may want to get the latest patch from HP! For the second time this year HP has announced that some of the “bloatware” that it puts on its systems before they are sold included a key logger that can lead to you losing your personal data or compromising your system.

This is another good reason that I wipe a system and reinstall the operating system when I get a new computer! Too many vendors that get paid for putting all this junk on the system before goes out the door have this junk on the PC that just slows it down! In this case, it’s actual malware! This is getting out of hand! Let’s fight bloatware!

HP systems that have this problem include HP G2 Notebooks, the HP Elite x2 1011 G1 tablet, HP EliteBooks, HP ProBooks and HP ZBook models, among others.

So, another good reason to keep your systems patched, whether by the vendor, or your standard operating system patches. We live in a really strange world!

Today’s Important Router Tip

Linksys RouterAre you ready for a good tip about your Internet connection? This is going to sound really weird! But, think about it, your Internet router is actually just a computer. It may be running a proprietary operating system, it may be based on Linux, who knows? In any case, computers don’t run forever without running into an error. And, what do you do when a computer encounters an error? You restart it! So, the best thing you can do is occasionally restart your router on a regular, controlled, basis! Say, every month or so. If you do it in a planned fashion, you won’t be caught off guard when your router quits working.

I know this sounds silly, but if you make it part of your regular computer maintenance, like doing your backups and keeping a backup off-site (and I know you do that, right?) Then, your Internet connection will be solid and life will be good… Because we all need a good Internet connection, it is a function of life! Or, at least it is in these modern days… Am I right?

Geek Software of the Week: Handy File Tool!

This is a very handy piece of software to have for managing files and file contents!

Handy File Tool

Handy File Tool“Handy File Tool benefits:

  • 100% freeware program without any adware and spyware
  • Contains integrated file tools like Finder, Renamer, Replacer
  • Multi-string search-and-replace. It can Find strings in files and replace their to anything
  • Allows to operate with files from different folders and drives
  • Quickly safely and simply operates with files
  • Easy to use intuitive interface

Handy File Tool (HFT) is a very fast and simple file manager. It has some internal utilities such as Renamer, Replacer and Finder. HFT has utilities necessary for webmasters, programmers and anybody who is concerned with computers. Imagine that you need to process hundreds of files. It would take you many hours to do this manually.

With HFT you can solve these problems with one mouse click. You can even process files from several directories or even disks simultaneously, using Basket a clipboard for files.

HFT has two-panel interface calls to mind the popular Norton Commander, but here you have the Basket, a clipboard for files. You can even process files from several directories or even disks simultaneously (see Basket drive in the help menu of the program).

The suite’s main tools, Finder, Replacer, and Renamer, help you make quick work of file searching, text replacement, and bulk renaming across a range of file formats and attributes.

Main features
Browse and manage files and folders
Copy files and folders
Move files and folders
Create new folders
Delete files and folders
Find files by file mask or files date
Rename files in several folders simultaneously
Replace text blocks in list of files in several folders simultaneously
Replace several strings in list of files in several folders simultaneously
Easy to use intuitive interface
True freeware program without any adware and spyware

System Requirements
64 MB RAM or more
2.09 MB of hard disk space

Supported Systems:
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000

Download Information
Handy File Tool is a freeware program. This is full functionality program without any restrictions. If you have a problem or question, free support is always available.

If you are looking for a simple, fast, powerful and flexible file manager with additional tools for your business or for your personal needs on a single computer or in a networking environment, you have just found it. Download the freeware Handy File Tool and see for yourself.”

Bitcoin is Going Crazy!

BitcoinThe value of Bitcoin is going through the roof. But, it is highly volatile and risky!

Bitcoin’s Crazy Run Is Crushing All Other Digital Currencies

Fortune – By: Jeff John Roberts – “Even by the standards of bitcoin, it’s been a crazy few days. In the last 48 hours, bitcoin smashed through the $12,000 mark and kept right on climbing—to $14,000 then $15,000 and past $16,000 as of Thursday morning.

This is a remarkable run but, in the midst of the mania, something else surprising is happening in the digital currency markets. Namely, the price of other crypto-currencies are not rising right alongside bitcoin as you might expect—they’re not even rising more slowly.

Instead, other popular digital assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin Coin have actually been tumbling as bitcoin soars like a rocket ship…

In the last 24 hours, bitcoin has left its erstwhile rivals in the dust, gaining 25% in value while the others have fallen anywhere from 3% to 10%.

What exactly is going on here? As with many things related to bitcoin, it’s hard to know for sure. Even though quants have long been poring over price movements to find correlations between bitcoin and other assets—such as those that exist between equities and Treasuries or airline stocks and oil prices —few predictable patterns have emerged.

One guess is that speculators are deciding that even the most popular substitutes will not hold value, and are deciding they want bitcoin or nothing.

As Charlie Lee, the creator of LiteCoin (currently number 7 on the list above) and a good source for digital currency insights, declared on Twitter, bitcoin is clearly ‘the king of crypto.’

Bitcoin is making a HUGE statement today showing all the altcoins who the king of crypto is! Wow.

$16500 now. I’m expecting a correction anytime now. But then again, I have been expecting a correction since $5000.

What happens next, of course, is anyone’s guess. As Lee suggests, a bitcoin price correction is likely on the way and, if that happens, it’s unclear if the sellers will redirect their money to other crypto currencies—or get out of the market altogether.”

Will Disney Buy Fox?

Mickey MouseDisney might buy Fox, and the X-Men and Fantastic Four could come back “in the fold” of Marvel characters on screen. I would like that! But, this article points out the downside:

A Disney-Fox Deal Would Mean Far More Than Just ‘X-Men’ Joining Marvel

Forbes – By: Scott Mendelson – “I have thus far avoided dipping my toes into the whole ‘Disney might buy Fox’ story, both because Disney might not buy Fox and because there are tons of unanswered questions even if the deal does go through. But I do find distress in those who discuss this news entirely in terms of Fox’s Marvel superhero properties making their way into Disney’s MCU. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the broader implications, and the ability for Wolverine to show up in Avengers 4 may come at far too high a price.

First and foremost, Walt Disney DIS -0.18% is currently running up 18% of the total domestic box office as Fox now makes up 12% of the 2017 North American theatrical market. While Disney is now behind Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. in domestic market share, it’s close enough that The Last Jedi should put it over the top. Very rough math, but just $650 million domestic for Star Wars plus left-over money for Coco and Thor: Ragnarok should push Disney over $2.5 billion for the year as WB hopes to get to $2.1b.

Last year, Walt Disney had a jaw-dropping 26% of the domestic box office while Fox had 13%. With Fox and Disney combined into one entity, it’s plausible to see Walt Disney’s theatrical output controlling close to 40% of the theatrical business. With that kind of hold, the Mouse House could essentially rewrite the rules for how its movies are seen in theaters (higher ticket prices, higher percentages back to the studios, exclusive auditorium control, etc.) in a way that wouldn’t remotely help the likes of Universal or Warner Bros.

Disney has already gotten heat this year for somewhat more draconian terms for domestic theaters planning to show Star Wars: The Last Jedi (because it knows that much of the money isn’t going to come from the overseas business). It justifiably got torn to shreds for blacklisting Los Angeles Times journalists from Thor: Ragnarok press screenings after the paper reported unfavorably on Disneyland’s tax-related relationship with Anaheim. While Disney relented quickly, arguably because Coco needed the critical buzz more than Thor, such a move could well be solidified with that much control of the market.

And while Walt Disney is a publicly traded company and not a charity, this wouldn’t necessarily be good for the overall industry. Fewer major studios mean fewer places for artists to pitch their work, and thus potentially a less diverse slate of movies and television shows. Less competition could also drive down compensation for said artists, and Disney would be powerful enough to (if it chose to) essentially set the status quo for compensation for the next round of union negotiations. But at least we’d get a decent Fantastic Four movie, right, guys?

Disney would own the X-Men characters, the Fantastic Four franchise and a host of other huge franchises like Avatar, Alien, The X-Files and The Simpsons. I guess Avatar 2 (or, less likely, Deadpool 2) wouldn’t be the first $1 billion+ grosser outside Disney or Universal since Transformers: Age of Extinction back in 2014. Since Disney already owns ABC, I don’t think it’d be allowed to own the Fox broadcast network as well, although it could get the cable channels (like FX) and enough of a stake in Hulu to make it Netflix’s primary rival whether Hulu becomes Disney’s de facto streaming service or not. So it could well be Disney vs. Netflix vs. Amazon vs. everyone else.

Even if X-Men joined the MCU, Fox has just found its footing in terms of differentiating X-Men from the MCU or DC Films by going all-in with genre appropriation and offbeat comic book cinema. Would we lose R-rated fare like Logan and Deadpool or genre-specific offshoots like The New Mutants? Marvel has thrived partially because it didn’t have access to the most popular characters and had to make its B-characters into A-level movie stars. Assuming Marvel even wants those new franchises, what will the MCU look like if it can churn out X-Men, Fantastic Four and occasional Sony-produced Spider-Man films?

Disney won’t own Fox News or Fox Sports, but what do you think the owners of Fox News are going to do with lots more money on hand and an explicit devotion to news and media? It’s not Disney’s responsibility to make sure that its money doesn’t go toward evil, but the powers behind Fox News having more money and more free time to devote to media and politics is not going to be good for media and politics. At least Captain America can punch Dr. Doom. Now it isn’t all doom and gloom, but silver linings require a certain degree of idealistic optimism.

I’d like to think that Disney wants Fox not to crush a major competitor but rather to use Fox’s bench in terms of making adult-skewing fare a major asset for Disney. I’d like to think that Disney would continue to let Fox do what it wants (as it has given Marvel and Lucasfilm comparative creative freedom) and allow Fox and Fox Searchlight to allow Disney to also corner the market on adult-skewing prestige fare, Oscar-season biggies and grown-up blockbusters like War for the Planet of the Apes or Murder on the Orient Express. But that’s no guarantee.

And if Disney views the Fox/Fox Searchlight fare as glorified prestige releases, less about drowning in profits than cornering the market, then those films would be less beholden to the whims of theatrical moviegoing. They would dominate the blockbuster realm with the likes of Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast, while also offering (presumably under Fox’s banner or the likes of Touchstone) adult-skewing biggies like The Revenant as well. But that’s assuming Disney has any interest in the likes of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Gone Girl or 12 Years A Slave.

Again, that’s not inherently good for competition, as it would essentially turn Hollywood into ‘Disney/Fox versus everyone else’ with Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. and Universal/Comcast Corp. as the only ones who could stand up to the Mouse House. Assuming Disney doesn’t decrease the Fox output, those three studios alone could control 55-70% of the domestic market share in any given year. Yes, Lionsgate and the smaller distributors (A24, Open Road, STX, etc.) could still do their thing, but Sony and Paramount/Viacom Inc. would be in trouble.

It might be good news for those of us who still champion the theatrical experience. Disney has thus far been the major holdout in would-be attempts to jump-start early VOD. If that one company now controlled 35-40% of the marketplace, it could be a boon for theaters, assuming Disney doesn’t use its overall dominance to extract concessions and/or extra money from theaters in a way that hurts its rivals and/or the theater chains. Again, I’m not saying it would, and I hope that it wouldn’t, but it isn’t required to have the same values as the characters in its movies.

Maybe the deal won’t go through, although Fox apparently wants to unload its film/TV divisions, so someone is probably going to snatch it up (at least Universal and Fox would together control only 25% of the market). It is … disconcerting to see how much of the talk concerning this potential merger has been focused entirely on the notion of Deadpool hanging out with Thor. This would be a game-changing shift in the entertainment industry, one that would cement Walt Disney as an ultimate power in the world of TV and film while potentially allowing Fox to become even more of a dominant player in media.

That are potential upsides but far more potential trouble spots to this deal. Moreover, I am not so naïve as to not understand the disconnect between the idealistic product that Walt Disney puts out and the cold, calculating business decisions made by folks who may be inclined to act closer to Scar than Steve Rogers. But the cost of bringing Avatar and the X-Men into the Disney fold may well be the creation of a true multimedia empire. And even the potential for monopoly-esque tactics or inadvertently giving Fox News buckets of money for its media pursuits may cost Disney any appearance of moral righteousness.

As someone who likes the products and values that Disney presents to the world, I would rather this not come to pass.”

Dr. Bill Stirs up Controversy!

I Love Stirring the Pot!I wanted to give you guys an update on the Dr. Bill.TV netcast. I hope that you been watching the recent programs that I posted YouTube. I’m working on the audio and the lighting, and it’s looking better and better every time. Hopefully, by the next episode I will have even better lighting, and things should really be about like I want them to be.

I did think it was interesting that on the last episode on YouTube it was flagged by YouTube as not being available for monetization: the reason? Because I mentioned “controversial topics!” The controversial topic was a review of TerrariumTV! I found that very interesting, because I specifically said that I was not advocating illegally watching movies and television shows that you didn’t pay for, but rather just highlighting the technology.

But, c’est la vie! At least I know that my netcasts are very edgy! Dr. Bill can really stir up some controversy, huh? Anyway, stay tuned for more edgy topics in technology, and cord cutting tips! [Smile]

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